• Great Northern Traditional Gadget Adapter


    Traditional Gadget Adapter TGA

    Again, out of need, Great Northern ingenuity produced this neat little adapter. The TGA was originally designed to strap on bow fishing reels to longbows and recurves. It uses the same no-slip neoprene strap design as the Professional Bow Quiver. By using the TGA, you can use your favorite traditional bow for fishing without drilling holes or taping on your reel. Installation or removal takes just seconds and does not require tools. Designed for longbows and small handled recurves.


    Mounting Instructions

    Hold the bow between your legs with back of bow facing you. Place TGA on back of bow below grip area or near as possible. Place thumb on TGA and push down firmly while taking TWO TIGHT wraps around bow. Push closest hole in strap over peg. If strap hole is elongated, back up one hole so not to tear strap. Cut off excess strap leaving one extra hole.