• Great Northern Professional Sidekick Quiver


    Great Northern Professional Sidekick Quiver

    Custom laser engraving is now available on all new quiver purchases, click here for details.

    The latest Professional Quiver design for those who really don't like the looks and feel of a bow mounted quiver. Can be worn in many different ways to best accommodate your hunting style or conditions. The soft quiet leather straps can instantly be adjusted in length from tight under your armpit to low on your hip. Uses the same wire design as our bow quivers. Easily converted from right to left hand and holds up to 5 arrows. 

    Weighs just about 8 oz. plus the strap and securely holds up to 5 arrows. 

    • Easy Carry adjustable buckle leather strap 

    • Easily adjusts from right to left hand use 

    • Five Arrow Capacity 

    • Grippers for Wood or Carbon Arrows Available 

    • Replacement Straps, Hood Foam, & Grippers Available 

    • Wires Carry a Lifetime Guarantee 

    Note: All Great Northern Quivers ordered from our on-line store will have the Great Northern Logo on the hood.

    Note: Brown hood series will have a Brown Water Buffalo shoulder strap

    Note: The standard hood fits most broadheads. The Long hoods are 3/4" longer for longer broadheads like the Woodsman, the Grizzly, the Tuffhead, and the Ashby.