The Great Northern Professional Quiver original frames series were designed straight up and down. On shorter bows this would allow your nocks to be in the dirt when leaning your bow against a tree or other object. Our customer aided us in designing the first in the Professional Strap On Adjustable Kickback quiver. For many years people were taking the original Strap On model and rotating the bottom mounting pad backwards. Then by mounting it onto the belly of the bow it creating a "kickback" effect. This is a nice option on bows 60" and over. Still feeling the need for more of an angle we took it one step father and added an extra 2" of wire to our bottom frame on all of our models creating what we call the Kickback Extreme series. This frame mounts just like our original frame in all models. What we have found is the lower wire angle follows the curve of the bottom limb nicely no matter what length of bow you have.Our recommendation for the Kickback Extreme is any bow under 60". All frames carry a lifetime warranty just like our original frames.