• Great Northern Stable Mount Professional Quivers


    Great Northern Stable Mount Professional Quiver

    Great Northern Professional Stable Mount. Designed for any bow that has screws in the side of the riser and a stabilizer insert. It comes with the 10-24 Side thumbscrew and the 5-16/24 Stabilizer mount screw.  The Lower wire can be mounted on the back or belly depending on your riser. WE RECOMMEND THE IN-LINE GRIPPER FOR THIS FRAME

    Custom laser engraving is now available on all new quiver purchases, click here for details.

    Adjustable from 9" to 11" from mounting hole to mounting hole.

    • Easy On - Easy Off Screw Attachment System

    • Adjusts from 9" to 11" at the attachment points 

    • Five Arrow Capacity 

    • Grippers for Wood or Carbon Arrows Available 

    • Replacement Hood Foam, & Grippers Available 

    • Wires Carry a Lifetime Guarantee 

    Note: All Great Northern Quivers ordered from our on-line store will have the Great Northern Logo on the hood.

    Note: The standard hood fits most broadheads. The Long hoods are 3/4" longer for longer broadheads like the Woodsman, the Grizzly, the Tuffhead, and the Ashby.

    Note: Brown series come with Brown straps, Black Series with Black Straps