• Great Northern Professional Adjustable Kickback Extreme Quiver


    Professional Adjustable Kickback Extreme Quiver

    Custom laser engraving is now available on all new quiver purchases, click here for details.

    The Great Northern Professional Kickback Strap-On Adjustable Quiver will fit most longbows and recurves. The quiver is adjustable in length (from 10" to 17" between mounting pads) and angle of attachment, to securely fit your bow and still can be easily readjusted to fit other bows. We have "kicked back" the gripper to keep your arrows more in line with the bow and to prevent them from sticking out too far in front of your bow. Quiver weighs approximately 8 oz. and holds up to 5 arrows. The long lasting Neoprene straps facilitate easy intallation or removal without taking your arrows out of the quiver, and - without unstringing your bow. The design of this lower frame follows the bottom limb nicely no matter what length of bow. 

    Weighs just about 8 oz. and securely holds up to 5 arrows. The special long lasting - non-marring neoprene straps lock the quiver in place and will not allow any slipping or sliding of the quiver on your bow. 

    • Gripper is "kicked back" at least 2" to keep your arrows in line with the lower limb of your bow. 

    • Easy On - Easy Off Neoprene Strap Attachment System 

    • Adjusts from 10" to 17" at the attachment points 

    • Five Arrow Capacity 

    • Grippers for Wood or Carbon Arrows Available 

    • Replacement Straps, Hood Foam, & Grippers Available 

    • Wires Carry a Lifetime Guarantee 

    The Great Northern Professional Quiver original frames series were designed straight up and down. On shorter bows this would allow your nocks to be in the dirt when leaning your bow against a tree or other object. Our customer aided us in designing the first in the Professional Strap On Adjustable Kickback quiver. For many years people were taking the original Strap Mount model and rotating the bottom mounting pad backwards. Then by mounting it onto the belly of the bow it creating a "kickback" effect. This is a nice option on bows 60" and over but it was awkward to install on the bow. 

    Still feeling the need for more of an angle we took it one step father and added an extra 1" (Kickback) or 2" (Kickback Extreme) of wire to our bottom frame on all of our models creating what we call the Kickback series. This frame mounts just like our original frame in all models. What we have found is the lower wire angle follows the curve of the bottom limb nicely no matter what length of bow you have.Our recommendation for the Kickback Extreme is any bow under 60". All frames carry a lifetime warranty just like our original frames. 

    Note: The attachment points on the adjustable model can be as close as 10" and as far apart as 17". Compare that to your bow to see if this is the model you need. 

    Note: All Great Northern Quivers ordered from our on-line store will have the Great Northern Logo on the hood.

    Note: The standard hood fits most broadheads. The Long hoods are 3/4" longer for longer broadheads like the Woodsman, the Grizzly, the Tuffhead, and the Ashby.